The Ordos Dalthus is a collective term for the Inquisition in the Dalthus Sector.

Inquisitors stand amongst the most powerful individuals within the Imperium of Man. The Inquisition guards the soul of man, fending off Daemonic corruption, witchery and Xenos influence.

The great ordos are the principal means by which the Inquisition is divided, and most Inquisitors will belong to one. Each has become a finely-crafted weapon with which to destroy those who might threaten the safety and stability of the Dalthus Sector.

Ordos Dalthus HereticusEdit

Within the Dalthus Sector, the Ordo Hereticus is the largest body of the Inquisition. It is charged with rooting out the enemies within Mankind. The Hereticus fights on countless fronts, endlessly, with no warning of where fresh heresy may arise.

Active Inquisitors of the Dalthan Hereticus

Former Inquisitors of the Dalthan Hereticus

  • Inquisitor Felsenburg
  • Inquisitor Felsh
  • Inquisitor Halgrund
  • Inquisitrix Madine
  • Inquisitor Thracis

Ordos Dalthus MalleusEdit

The Ordo Malleus is perhaps the smallest of the Ordos, yet its Inquisitors are counted amongst the most dangerous within the Dalthan Conclave. This is because the Ordo Malleus seeks to combat Mankind's greatest threat - the Daemon.

Active Inquisitors of the Dalthan Malleus

  • High Inquisitor Lady Zenthia Vrebannon, Mistress of the Ordo Malleus
  • Inquisitor Theodor Adorno
    • Associates
  • Inquisitor Atticus Black
  • Inquisitor Wenlock Delaine
  • Inquisitor Willem Nathin
  • Inquisitor Tybalt
  • Inquisitor Valdoon
  • Inquisitor Hastor Whitlock
  • Inquisitor Maccabeus Wroth
  • Inquisitor Zuul

Former Inquisitors of the Dalthan Malleus

  • Inquisitor Jhon Ba'lance

Ordos Dalthus XenosEdit

Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos seek to combat that alien threat that assails humanity.

Active Inquisitors of the Dalthan Xenos

Former Inquisitors of the Dalthan Xenos

  • Inquisitor Albus Gehn
  • Inquisitor Ravenus Lock