It is a universal truth that the Inquisition is a fragmented organisation.


(For further information regarding the Amalathian philosophy and its various sub-sets, please refer to this primer compiled by Savants Dall and Knowles.)
Noted Amalathians within the Dalthan Conclave

  • Inquisitor Villem Hoth
  • Inquisitrix Madine
  • Inquisitor Absolam Vendrake


The Antiquarti believe that...
Noted Antiquarti within the Dalthan Conclave

  • Inquisitrix Stheno


Monodominants have a simple goal: to destroy forever the Emperor's enemies. They have no tolerance of any kind for wayward behaviour. There is no excuse for heresy, for contemplating heresy or for abetting heretics. There can be only one punishment for such heretics - death. Mankind is fighting a war for survival, and Monodominants seek to support Mankind's rise to power by wiping out all threats.
Noted Monodominants within the Dalthan Conclave

  • Inquisitrix Callydia Benadice
  • Inquisitrix Calline
  • Inquisitor Gillam Harrow
  • Inquisitor Streng


The Polypsykana is a faction within the Inquisition itself and consists of likeminded radical Inquisitors who believe in the ascension of Humanity into a purely psychic race. They believe that they themselves must serve as guardians and guide Mankind down this path of transformation. The Inquisitors of the Polypsykana believe that the metamorphisis is inevitable so long as attempts are not made in preventing it from happening. This is most likely to happen from other Inquisitors who see psykers are being witches and abominations that need to be purged which necessitates the involvement of the Polypsykana Inquisitors.

Noted Polypsykana within the Dalthan Conclave

  • Inquisitor Theodore Helsmarck


Recongregators believe that Imperial society has reached a dead end of stagnation and decay which has robbed mankind of the means and will to survive in a predatory universe. There is only one solution to such a danger, they believe: to tear down the calcified monoliths of Imperial power and make them anew so that mankind might survive. The price of such change is terrible, but for Inquisitors of the Recongregator philosophy, it is a price that must be paid lest all fall into darkness and ruin.
(For further information regarding the Recongregators and their various sub-factions, please refer to this primer compiled by Savant Knowles.)
Noted Recongregators within the Dalthan Conclave


Noted Xanthites within the Dalthan Conclave

  • Inquisitor Zuul
  • Inquisitor Theodore Adorno