The Howling Stars are a tumultuous and unstable region located within the Dalthus Sector. An area of perennial eddies and whirls in the immaterium, the Stars are a place where the skin of reality has been stretched to breaking point by unnatural forces. Rolling warp storms burst forth to destroy vessels whole and hamper travel still further. It is widely held that only the most skilled of Navigators can reliably traverse the area.

It has never proven possible for the Imperium to accurately map the Howling Stars.

It is known to the Ordo Xenos that the Eldar Craftworld of Kuraan-Bal drifts through unpredictable storms of the Howling Stars, travelling with a grace that simply cannot be matched by Imperial vessels. The Craftworld is said to try to stay as far away from Humans as it can. On the few occasions that Imperial forces have been able to make contact with its inhabitants, they have proven themselves as capricious and malevolent as the rest of their benighted race, alternately attacking and aiding Imperials for reasons known only to themselves.