The Helios Cabal is an organisation within the Dalthan Conclave.


Within an Inquisitorial Conclave, it is inevitable that smaller, more autonomous bodies will be set up. Cabals exist to perform this role; they are usually short-lived, temporary affairs, tasked with the prosecution of a specific task and disbanded once it comes to a conclusion. The Helios Cabal, however, has managed to endure for centuries, nestled within the Dalthan Conclave.
The Cabal was founded by Inquisitor Lord Dray in .M39 after he was visited by a series of apocalyptic visions. Dray wrote a number of prophecies which spoke of a 'Dark Harbinger' coming to bring doom upon the Sector. The Helios Cabal was formed to "bring light to the Dalthus Sector". Its members have almost always been influential within the Conclave; certainly influential enough to prevent its dissolution, despite the generally nebulous reason for existing.


The Cabal controls a large amount of troops and materiel; opponents within the Conclave claim that these resources should be turned to more obvious threats, or that the Cabal should be disbanded entirely, rather than filling the Conclave with its portentous doom-mongering.

The Death of Lord MandreadEdit

The death of Lord Mandread came as a surprise to many within the Dalthan Conclave. He was known to be in good health, and his sudden death triggered wild speculation as to what exactly the cause could be. Ostensibly, his death was the result of natural causes. However, few in the Inquisition can hope for such a peaceful end, and the announcement was greeted - by some - with open scepticism. Some within the Cabal embarked upon their own, unsanctioned, investigations into his death, searching the shadows for a mysterious assassin.

The Helios SuccessionEdit

Having not named a successor before his death, Lord Mandread left the Cabal's fate hanging in the balance; would a clear leader step to the fore to unite its disparate members, or would it crumble, its assets divided as former comrades turned upon one another?
A number of Inquisitors put themselves forward as potential successors, each seeking the support of their fellow Inquisitors. What followed was a brief - but intense - "shadow war" as candidates and their supporters sought to gather support from their peers whilst destabilising the campaigns of their rivals. Some sought to tear the Cabal down, to build something brighter in its place; others sought to weaken the Dalthan Conclave, whilst yet more tried to call for peace and harmony. Many Inquisitors - even those who were not members of the Cabal - became embroiled in a tight web of intrigue and politics. The fate of the Helios Cabal stood in the balance.

The Aftermath of the SuccessionEdit