The Dalthus Sector is located within the Eastern Ultima Segmentum. It stakes claim to a great many populated worlds, and is a valuable - if vulnerable - sector of Imperial space


During the Great Crusade of the Emperor's Legions, the Dalthus Sector was first claimed by the Word Bearers Legion of the Astartes. During the tumultuous years of the Horus Heresy, the Sector was lost to war, riven by petty factionalism and betrayal.
Imperial control was finally totally restored in .M36; in no small part due to the arrival of the Castigators in the nearby Howling Stars. Over the following five millennia, the Dalthus Sector has become a populous and industrious area of space.

Geography and DemographyEdit

The Dalthus Sector covers a large geographical area, and has been divided into seven sub-sectors in an effort to improve the efficiency of government and the collection of Administrative tithings. Each of the sub-sectors is ruled by a Sub-Sector Governor, though the Sector as a whole is governed from Dalthus Prime. On the far-flung worlds of the Borderworlds, the central seat of Imperial authority is referred to disparagingly as "Far Dalthus", which perhaps offers some insight into the difficulties of ensuring compliance.

  • Sub-Sector Dalthus
  • Sub-Sector Hyades
  • Sub-Sector Phrell
  • Sub-Sector Loidis
  • Sub-Sector Terullia
  • The Mutaran Demesne
  • The Borderworlds
  • The Howling Stars