Aside from their membership of an Ordo, it is customary for Inquisitors to participate in the Conclave, a regional group of Inquisitors who watch over a particular area of space. Inquisitors from all of the Ordos and from many different philosophical factions will coordinate their efforts. Pooling their resources benefits all, although it can lead to many disagreements.

The Dalthan ConclaveEdit

The Dalthan Conclave has a long history.

The symbol of the Dalthan Conclave is... At Inquisitorial gatherings, an ornate version of this is often displayed upon a table, plinth or other prominent position. Tradition dictates that.... The mythology of the Conclave holds that this is....


Cabals are...

Cabals within the Dalthan Conclave

  • The Helios Cabal

Customs of the Dalthan ConclaveEdit

The Dalthan Conclave has many traditions and rites unique to its organisation. These have grown up over the millennia that the Conclave has watched over the sector and serve to bind Inquisitors of disparate beliefs together through common custom. Whilst some pay little more than lip service to these beliefs, others treat them as seriously as the Imperial Creed.
There are countless rituals and practices used by the Dalthan Conclave. Some are highly obscure, attended only by a few or only taught to those with the proper level of initiation. Others are widely known.